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Quebec Investor Visa

Quebec Investor Visa for Canada Immigration!

“Quebec Investor Visa” Overview:

“Quebec Investor Visa Program” also known as “Quebec Immigrant Investor Program” (“QIIP”) which is the only Provincial Nomination Program, that allows Qualified Principal Applicant along with immediate Family Members to obtain Lawful Permanent Residence for Canada through Passive Investments for FIVE-Years Term under Single Application with pure intent to Settle-In-Quebec.

Furthermore, applying under Quebec Investor Visa which has shared Immigration Jurisdiction between Government of Quebec and Federal Government of Canada, due to which Quebec Investor Visa Application has to be carried out within two-stage process. Complete Application has to go through First-Stage of Quebec Selection process for Provincial Nomination eligibility and further Second-Stage for eligibility and clearance from Federal Canada for allocation of Permanent Residence.

As per Migration Policy Institute, Canada accounts for 8 Millions of International Migrants and remains most preferred destination for International Migrants after U.S. for resettlement of family from their current country of origin for Better Quality of Life and children’s Quality Education for Future Growth.

Further to that, current Changing Dynamics of Immigration Reforms with Visa Policies tightening for International Migrants leads to Canada as preferred destination and land of immigrants for Talent & Exploring and strengthening Canadian Economy.

Quebec Canada offers variety of advantages, likewise Great Quality of Life, Quality Universal Education and Healthcare Systems, a Vibrant and Diversified Economy, a Mix of Cultures where newcomers can feel at Home. It also offers an Efficient and Accessible Immigration Program for Qualified Investors, which is not affected by the moratorium on the Federal Immigrant Investor Program.

Canada Immigration through Quebec Investor Visa!

Quebec Investor Visa allows Qualified Foreign National to obtain Lawful Permanent Residence for Canada, through Passive Investment under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP).

Quebec Investor Visa is currently open for intake process for Quebec Selection Qualified Applications under Provincial Nomination Program from September 10, 2018 and remains open until March 15, 2019 for the available Application Quota.
Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion, Quebec (MIDI) offers total of 1,900 Applications Quota during intake period, out of which maximum of 1,235 applications will be allocated from China (Including Hong Kong and Macau) and remaining 665 applications for Rest of the World Qualified Investors.
Further to that, applicants who demonstrate, by means of a test recognized by the Quebec Immigration Authorities, that they have an Advanced Intermediate Knowledge of French, are not subject to this maximum limit of Applications for Quebec Investor Visa.

Quebec Investor Visa Qualifying Criteria:

Eligibility along with documented evidentiary is very important aspect to apply under Quebec Investor Visa. Further to that Eligibility must be well evaluated with expert advisory shall not only help to qualify for Quebec Investor Visa, but also prepare for quality application with less queries from Adjudicating Case Authorities of Quebec.

Eligibility for Quebec Investor Visa:

Qualified Applicant must have pure intent to Settle-In-Quebec Province only.
Applicant must have to demonstrate legally acquired minimum Net Worth of CAN $ 2,000,000 alone or with accompanying spouse. (Note: Any Gift or Donation received within SIX months before the application, is ineligible to account under required Net Worth criteria)
Applicant must sign an Investment Agreement to invest CAN $ 1,200,000 with a Financial Intermediary, who has been authorized to participate in the Quebec Investor Visa. (Investment Agreement is one of the most important document to be submitted along with Quebec Selection Application and Financial Intermediary often charge for due diligence fee for Credential Verification)
Applicant must have at least Two (2) years of Management Experience** in the last 5 years preceding the application for Selection Certificate.
**Management Experience may have been acquired in a Legal Farming, Commercial or Industrial Businesses (or) in a Legal Professional Business where the staff, excluding the Investor, occupies at least the equivalent of Two Full-Time Jobs, or for an International Agency (or) a Government (or) one of its Departments (or) Agencies.

Management in duties related to the Planning, Management and Control of Financial Resources and of Human or Material Resources. (The experience does not include experience acquired in the context of an Apprenticeship, Training or Specialization process attested to by a diploma.)

Quebec Investor Visa Application must be represented through Quebec Government Authorized Lawyer only, in order to handle any legal consequences of Immigration case process and assist Qualified Investors for any interview, if initiated by Quebec Authority.

Once selected by the Province of Quebec, Qualified Applicant receives “Quebec Selection Certificate: CSQ” and then apply for Federal Immigration Authorities for a Permanent Residence Visa, which will be issued if Qualified Applicant pass a Medical Exam and Criminal Background Check.

Quebec Investor Visa Benefits:

Canada is the only Country in the World which is actively seeking for New Immigrants to support the Growth of its Economy.
Canada Economy has continued to strive despite the World Economic Crisis and Quebec is the Best Location and Strategic Province in Canada.
According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Canada has one of the Highest Quality of Life.
Canada is the most Multicultural Country with the most access to Free Trade Markets.
Most Investors prefered for Quebec Investor Visa, for their Children, because it is the Smartest Solution on All Levels.
On Economical Level, it gives Top Quality Education Free until College, then gets about 90% rebate compared to Foreign Student Fee at University.
Canada Allows Dual Citizenship, so it will not affect the Own Country Nationality.
The Permanent Residence status in Canada leads to the Investor to enjoy Same Rights and Privileges as Canadian Citizens, except for the Right to Vote.
Three years after getting Permanent Residence, family can apply for Canadian Citizenship.
As a Canadian Permanent Residents (Eventually Citizens), they enjoy the Freedom to take Employment.
Excellent Business Opportunities: As Canada is at crossroads of a generation gap that will lead to about 50% SME to change hands in the next 10 years, and this is especially true in Quebec Province where 25,000 businesses will be sold within the next 5 years.
As a Canadian Permanent Residents (Eventually Citizens), they enjoy the Freedom to take Employment.
Canada’s Free Healthcare System is amongst the Best in the World.
Low Crime Rate, Social Stability, Affordable Housing etc…

Quebec Investor Visa Application Process:

Applying under Quebec Investor Visa which has shared Immigration Jurisdiction between Government of Quebec and Federal Government of Canada, due to which Quebec Investor Visa Application has to be carried out within two-stage process.

Stage-I: Quebec Provincial Nomination:

  • Step 1: # File Preparation: 
    • Document List. 
    • Narrative Established. 
    • File Completion & Verification. 
    • Canadian Financial Institution Verification before submission.
  • Step 2: # Quebec Submission: 
    • Complete File submission to Quebec Authority.
  • Step 3: # Quebec Interview: 
    • Quebec Interview for decision on submitted file.
  •  Step 4: # Quebec Decision:  
    • If Approved: 110 days for Investment. 
    • Option Between $ 1,200,000 CAN to investment Quebec or Financing Option.

Stage-II: Federal Canada PR Clearance:

  • Step 1: # Federal Canada Application Submission:  
    • Submit almost same file to Canada Government 
  • Step 2: # Federal Canada Application Process:   
    • Medical Exam Clearance 
    • Security Check Clearance 
  •  Step 3: # Clearance for Permanent Residence (PR):  
    • Issuance of Letter for Landing Papers 
  • Step 4: # Quebec Canada Calling :  
    • Landing within 1 Year to become Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada! 
    • Settle in Quebec Province 

Quebec Investor Visa Financing Option:

Quebec Investor Visa is the only Investor Visa in the world to have Financing Option available, due to the nature of Passive Investment Guaranteed by Quebec Government.

99% Qualified Quebec Investor Visa Applicants prefer Financing Option for Investment Amount.
Financing Option cost maximum of CAN $ 350,000 as One-Time-Cost for FIVE Year Term, Interest FREE Investment of CAN $1,200,000, which is Non Refundable.
Immediate liquidation of asset for securing Investment amount of CAN $ 1,200,000 for Investment to Quebec Government seems not only complex, but also cumbersome task as against available time window of 110 days.
Investment Amount of CAN $ 1,200,000 must have legitimate Source of Funds with TAX paid receipt from any asset liquidation point.
Every Country has its own set of Repatriation Rules and Limitations for International Money Transfer from the aspect of per person per year with maximum amount limit, which must be well followed for legitimate transfer too, in order to avoid any application scrutiny with respect to legitimate Fund Transfer Applicability under Application.
Transfer of Funding Option Amount seems to be an easiest way, as against Countries Repatriation Rules and limitation of per person per year with maximum specified amount within the given time window of 110 days, after Quebec Authorities’ initiation of request to transfer the investment amount.
Apart from above mentioned points, Funding Option gives leveraging strategic approach to use remaining investment money for Business buying or investments to earn better returns during the tenure to recover funding cost.

Why Investors shall choose “PROPEXIMA” for Quebec Investor Visa Success?

One of the often cited challenges of the Investor Visa Program under Citizenship by Investment Opportunity is the complexity of the Investor Visa Program itself, which needs Personalize Case Specific Consulting approach for Ultimate Success.
Quebec Investor Visa Application approval rate is around 70%, as against each year application quota. PROPEXIMA and its global expert advisory team help Investor with their best case handling practice and learning lessons to keep Investors ahead of the curve for Ultimate Success.
PROPEXIMA represents one of the Founding Father of Quebec Investor Visa Program, who helps more than 7000+ families to settle in Canada, since 1985. PROPEXIMA carries Preferential Edge over others, due to the Stewardship of Founding Fathers guidance for Investor Visa Success.
Quebec Government authorized Quebec Attorney/ Consultant is necessary to represent Immigrant Investors for Immigration Application and address any case related issues during the application process.
For Investors Case Success, Attorney representing PROPEXIMA’s Investors is the only Law Firm from Quebec to have focused serving applications under Quebec Investor Visa Program solely, with more than 200+ case handling experience.
In order to handle Investor case in Quebec Province, Attorney helps Investors for Quality Application File Preparation, Identify any case specific necessity for Tailor-Made-Solutions, Designing files not only for case success but also guide Investors throughout the process of Immigration until Investor obtain Permanent Residence in Canada.
PROPEXIMA not only help Investors to prepare file at ground zero with its learning lessons of more than 3 years case handlings, but also walk with Investor’s Quebec Investor Visa pathway for ultimate objectives of Investor Immigration.
Quality File Preparation requires min 2 to 3 months in India with requires documentary evidentiary proof attachments for application, after evaluation of Case Specific investment and Immigration objectives where PROPEXIMA helps Investors at every stage of process for success.
Investment to Quebec Government has to be processed through Quebec Government registered Financial Institution only. Financial Institution often charges their Due Diligence Fees. When Investor walks with PROPEXIMA, then waiver to such Due Diligence Fee is an added advantage for Investors.
Let’s Walk Quebec Investor Visa SUCCESS Together!!!