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PROPEXIMA Investor Visa Consultants, India !

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PROPEXIMA Investment Advisory was established in the year 2012 as “PROPEXIMA Financial Advisory Solutions, LLP”, with LLPIN: AAB-1510 by Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar (Sr. Managing Partner of PROPEXIMA) in order to serve Best-In-Class Financial Product Services to Domestic & International Private Investors. PROPEXIMA also offers services as Best Investor Visa Consultants in India for EB5 Investor Visa USA & Quebec Investor Program Canada. Also serves as  an integral part for Bilateral Business Expansion and Bilateral Investment Opportunities. 

PROPEXIMA stands with its meaning of “Skilled-Top-Vicinity” derived from “Prowess, Apex & Maxima” and “Being Resourcefulness is its Ultimate Resource for Investors Visa Success”.

PROPEXIMA | Immigrant Investor Program Consultants |

One of the often cited challenges of the Immigrant Investor Program under Citizenship by Investment Opportunity, is the complexities of the Immigrant Investor Program itself to get Immigrant Visa. 

PROPEXIMA possess an Outstanding Track Record of Understanding, Defining & Shaping Investor Visa Program Objectives of Investment and Immigration. Proactive and having a Proven ability to Improve Processes and people by promoting Best Practice Procedures. 

Best Investor Visa Consultants, India.

EB5 Investor Visa Consultants, India.

EB5 Projects | An EB5 Visa Investment Opportunities |

EB5 Regional Center Services.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP).

Financial Investment Advisory Services.

PROPEXIMA Leadership.

PROPEXIMA is one of the “Best Investor Visa Consultants in India” to help Prospective Indian Immigrant Investors across Pan-India, to help achieve their Ultimate Success of Immigrant Visa under Immigrant Investor Program Opportunities.

PROPEXIMA Vision: To be The Best Investor Visa Consultants in India, for BETTER Informed, have access to BETTER Choices of Expertise and be enabling to make BEST Decisions with Deep Insights, Best Practice and Lessons learned to Get Investors Ahead of the Curve with informed decision for their success of Immigrant Investor Program.

Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar. 

Sagar Jalgaonkar

Sr. Managing Partner.

PROPEXIMA | Entrepreneur | Best Investor Visa Consultant In India |Citizenship by Investments | EB5 Visa Program |EB5 Regional Center | EB5 Projects | EB5 Visa Investment Opportunities | Aemetis Inc: “#1 Waste-To-Value” EB5 Visa Projects in the World | Quebec Investor Program | NutrichFresh | Financial Services |

Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar (Sr. Managing Partner, PROPEXIMA) with Mr. Eric McAfee (Chairman & CEO of Aemetis Inc.| NASDAQ:AMTX)

  1. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar is Founder as well Sr. Managing Partner of “PROPEXIMA Financial Advisory Solutions LLP” with LLPIN: AAB-1510
  2. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Financial Service Industry for serving Private Investor Category of Private Client Group (PCG), Private Equity Group (PEG), HNI, UHNI, NRI, and Corporate with the capacity of Private and Public Sector. 
  3. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar is maintaining constant communication with all firm’s as well as their Decision Makers for structuring and oversight for greater Investor Success and serves as the face of PROPEXIMA with Best Practices from Better Service aspects for Ultimate success of Immigrant Investor Program. 
  4. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar has hands on Expertise and learning lessons to help guide Immigrant Investors  for EB5 Visa Program for US Green Card, as well for more than 3 years under Quebec Investor Program to get through Immigrant Investor Program for Immigrant Visa. 
  5. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar also represents Mr. Eric McAfee (Chairman and CEO of Aemetis Inc, NASDAQ:AMTX) who is a Founding Member of 7 Public Listed Companies as well Principal Investor of 25 founded Private Companies too. 
  6. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar only represents  Project Companies under EB5 Visa Program, because Investors hard earned money flows to EB5 Visa Investment Opportunities (EB5 Project Company / JCE) only for satisfaction of Investment objectives of USCIS & Revenue Generation to repay the money back to Investors. EB5 Project and EB5 Investment Visa Opportunity of Aemetis Inc is “#1 Waste-To-Value Project in the World”. Associated Approved EB5 Regional Center is California Energy Investment Center (CEIC) which helps Immigrant Investor to invest minimum investment amount to qualify for participation into EB5 Visa Program. Center is California Energy Investment Center (CEIC) has successful track record for helping clear more than 900 Investors Petitions for the SUCCESS of Permanent Green Card.  
  7. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar is representing one of the Founding Father of Quebec Investor Program (also known as Quebec Immigrant Investor Program – QIIP) for helping Indian Investors, who are willing to get Permanent Residency in Canada & subsequently eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Founding Father’s successful track record since 1985 with helping settle more than 7000+ Immigrant Investors families to Canada, gives preferential edge and stewardship for Investors to let’s walk Investor visa Canada path with PROPEXIMA for success of  Canadian Citizenship. 
  8. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar is Ex. India Business Advisor for India Chamber of Commerce, USA for Bilateral Investment & Business Opportunities, where his learning lessons add value for understanding complexities of International Transactions and look for more strategic approach for the best interest of Investors Success. He QUIT India Chamber of Commerce, USA on January 26, 2017. 
  9. Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar also represented United Nation reviewed Aquaponics Technology Concept of 21st Century for more than year, for which received overwhelming response from his Global Investors Circle. 

(**) Mr. Sagar Jalgaonkar received his Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering with Distinction from K.B.P. College of Engineering & Polytechnic, Satara in the Year 2003.

Advantages of PROPEXIMA’s Investor Visa Consultants Services:

  1. One of the often cited challenges of the Immigrant Investor Program for Investor Immigration is the complexity of the Immigrant Investor Program itself for the SUCCESS of Citizenship by Investments objectives. 
  2. Immigrant Investor Program has Complex Investment Structures, Complexities of legally drafted language of signing contracts for any future Obligations, Dynamic Immigration Reforms or any policy change effects to case specific immigration implications needs to be well evaluated. 
  3. Immigrant Investor Program carries two major objectives of Investment & Immigration in order to qualify for the allotment of Immigrant Visa of the Country. From Investors Case Specific success, those objectives need to be well evaluated along with the processing timeline to get through the success of Lawful Permanent Residency. 
  4. Immigrant Investor Program is complex and niche Job which needs Hands on Experience with Personalized Approach to help prepare all required documents towards Case Filing as per selected case filing Attorney. 
  5. PROPEXIMA Investor Visa Consultants offer Concise and Unclouded Information to Immigrant Investors for Immigrant Investor Program and well scrutinized High Quality Investment Project Offerings for Investors, as PROPEXIMA represent Project Company’s Decision Makers only. 
  6. PROPEXIMA’s Immigrant Investor Program consulting not only help and guide Immigrant investors for required Case Specific Investment Goals, but also case specific Immigration objectives for ultimate success with strategic immigration & Investment timeline too. Strategies approach of Investing & Immigration carries expected future challenges due to process timeline which needs to be dealt with experts. 
  7. PROPEXIMA Global Team of Expert members work together with more than decade years of case preparation & case handling expertise for Quality Application Filing to Government Authorities to have ultimate clearance for the Immigrant Petition. 
  8. PROPEXIMA’s expertise and learning lessons come into practical implementations not only for informed decision, but also to use strategic approach for ultimate Immigration Case Specific Success with return of Principal Investment back. 
  9. PROPEXIMA do in-depth Investor Case Specific Analysis for the Investment and Immigration objective under Immigrant Investor Program, and as against the lessons learned from last 5 years of Immigrant Investor  Case preparing & handling knowledge to keep future Immigrant Investors case success ahead of the curve. 
  10. PROPEXIMA directly connect Investors with Decision Makers of Investment Projects that gives direct access for Investor to clarify any doubt from their Case Specific objectives for informed Investment Decision. 
  11. PROPEXIMA’s represented only those Investment opportunities for Immigrant Investor Program, which has well Experienced & Proven Management Team with Excellent past Track Records, Goodwill in the market and their stewardship helps many Immigrant Investors to achieve their Immigration goals. 
  12. PROPEXIMA’s resourcefulness helps Investors, to get require expert clarification inputs for their any Case Specific requirements of Investment Project; as well connect with right expertise services providers to handle Case Specific Immigration Objectives Success too. 
  13. PROPEXIMA’s direct representation of renowned Successful Global Leaders, who helped many families in their past experience to realize Investors dream of Investment Immigration under Immigrant Investor Program. 
  14. PROPEXIMA walks with Investors throughout the process of Investment and Immigration for their Ultimate Success, being an ability of Customer Centric than Self Centric. And also help understand and weigh both the Risks and Opportunities inherent to the Immigrant Investor Program Case Success. 
  15. PROPEXIMA’s Global Business Team will always ready to give prompt services towards success of Investor goal of Investment and Immigration too. 

Let’s Walk Investor Visa SUCCESS Together!!!

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