Charter School Project

Charter School Project.

A Charter School is an Independently Run Free Tuition Public School offering Primary and Secondary Education. Built and managed by a Private Group that receives State Government Funding, they are granted Greater Flexibility in its operations in return for Greater Accountability of Performance.  

Charter Schools are very popular – among the Fastest Growing School choice options in Florida. They operate under a performance contract, or a “Charter”, which makes them liable for Academic and Financial results. They have established a strong guiding principle: High Standards of Student Achievement. 

Florida Charter Schools have grown to over 640 schools from 1996 to 2014 with Student Enrollment topping 251,000. Many schools have now long waiting lists of applications with student placement being determined by lottery (drawing) process. 

Many of the Charter Schools Programs have been very successful and their demand is projected to increase considerably in the near future. 

Advantages of Charter School Projects:

Rated by 3 major Credit Rating Agencies Standard & Poor’s; Moody’s and Fitch Ratings.

High Value Project Appraised by CBRE Richard Ellis.

Most Performing Schools in America are Charter School.

Management Operation Contract with the State Government (15-25 years).

Operation Fully Sponsored by State Government.

Subsidy of about $7,000 - $9,000 per Student.

5,600 Charter Schools enrolled Over 2 Million Students and there are more than 600,000 Students waiting to En-Roll in Charter Schools.

Academic and Financial Performance controlled by the State Government.

Annual Performance Assessment of each Teacher.

Long term Lease signed with Financially Strong Tenant.

High Job Creation exceeding 80% of the requirement over the USCIS requirement.

Job Creation established by the most respected Economist Dr. Micheal Evans of the firm Evans, Carroll & Associates.

First Rank Mortgage Right on the Building.

First Position Right on the Leasing Income.

Positive Expert Reviews.

Collateralize Assets.

Why choose Florida for your EB-5 Visa Program:

Florida State has over 20 Million people in 2015 and is ranked 3rd in population before New York State within the United States and posted recently a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $899.2 Billion. Also, Florida is home to some of the Largest, Fastest-Growing & Most Diverse Companies in the world. In addition, Florida offers many advantages like:

NO Corporate Income Tax on Limited Partnerships.

NO Corporate Income Tax on Sub-Chapter 'S' Corporations.

NO State Personal Income Tax guaranteed by Constitutional Provision.

NO Corporate Franchise Tax on Capital Stock.

NO State-Level Property Tax assessed.

NO Property Tax on Business Inventories.

NO Sales/Use Tax on Co-generation of Electricity.

NO Property Tax on Goods-In-Transit for up to 180 days.

NO Sales and Use Tax on Goods Manufactured or Produced in Florida for Export outside the State.

NO Sales Tax on Purchases of Raw Materials incorporated in a final product for Resale (Incl. Non-Reusable Containers or Packaging).

Clear Exit Strategy:

Bank Refinancing supported by the High-Value Educational Facility occupied by the School Operator.

Immigrant's Investment secured by a First Rank Mortgage and Assignment of Leasing Income.

The school’s Strong Source of Income, from the Government Financing, and Long-Term Lease by School Operator.

Set a Pathway for US Citizenship under Charter School

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